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Australian Curriculum Linked Numeracy Tests available NOW

Test Papers

Actual test sample pages


($1.20 per paper plus Teachers Guide $2.50, plus GST and postage)

The tests are available for Foundation to Year 7. They are based on the Australian Curriculum Mathematics and include elements of all state and territory curriculums. The EMTS Numeracy Tests were designed and written by Peter Nowland, author of MTSonline.

How to order

To order these tests:

  1. Download the Test Paper Order Form
  2. Then send your request via email or fax (1300 855 294)

Test Analysis

($2.50 per student plus group price of $7.00, plus GST and return postage)

EasyMark Diagnostic Test Analysis will mark the tests and provide the results and diagnostic analysis as a pdf file, as well as an excel spreadsheet.